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AI Newsfeed

Electronic art and an experiment

AI can generate text. AI can impersonate authors. AI can add facts. AI can hallucinate. Then... If AI would start writing the daily news - how would that look like?

This is exactly what AI Newsfeed is about. A newspaper entirely written by AI. Automated to the max. Zero user input. The AI crawls the internet, picks up new information and writes a new article in various different styles. Right-wing, Left-wing, TikTok style and many more.

More thoughts

There are some implications to this. What does it mean for us human beings? What does it mean for journalists? How will it change the media landscape?

We should talk about this.

This is a tech demo

AI Newsfeed is part of a tech demo developed by Ra Bauer. Ra and his team are currently developing an ethical AI-powered publishing pipeline. Contact us if you want to be part of the journey!

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